Robert Mester



Robert has been involved in the marine industry since his days as a Force Recon U.S. Marine.  His passion to locate and recover submerged cultural resources has taken him from Uraguay, Alaska, Labrador to Truk Lagoon among just a few.  His passion for history and sharing with others what can only be seen by a handful of people with certain underwater skills and technology has driven him to create educational programs for the next generation of undersea explorers.  

Robert provides professional services in marine damage survey, accident investigation, marine salvage, private aids to navigation, undersea technology and general marine consulting.  Some of his more exciting projects include the raising of a B-17 bomber from Dyke Lake in Labrador, the search for gold on Lord Horatio Nelson’s tallship the Agamemnon, was part of a team that recovered remains of Japanese sailors on the I-169 in Truk Lagoon and has salvors rights of the S.S. Governor in Washington State.  There are also some about which he cannot talk.

Robert is a highly experienced marine salvor with extensive knowledge and experience in vessel location and salvage and recovery operations.  He is Federally recognized as an expert in salvage operations and marine salvage law.  He is responsible for the drafting of Washington State’s current laws regarding marine and aircraft salvage.  Robert Mester is also recognized as an expert in the field of undersea technology and is highly skilled in operation and management of sonar, ROV and submersible operations. 

While he is not and admiralty attorney, he has extensive expertise in admiralty law from and its application involving salvage and ownership of submerged cultural resources, shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks.  

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