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Welcome to the official site of the Honolulu Clipper Discovery Team however we are still under construction.  We are excited to share our project for the discovery, survey and possible recovery of the Boeing 314 flying boat The Honolulu Clipper (NC18601) - one of the only remaining aircraft of its type.  The “Oh One”, as it was also called, was the first of twelve 314s produced.  Twelve were built under contract for Pan Am, however, in order for Pan Am to secure landing rights in Great Britain, three of the deliveries were relinquished to British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).  

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Forced down following a dual engine failure, the ’01 was damaged after a collision at sea with its potential rescue ship and was scuttled.    


We'll have more content soon, but thank you for visiting.  In the meantime, visit our page on facebook here: 

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